Ness Creighton

Graduate Fellow / History

Ness A. Creighton is pursuing a PhD in History at Georgia State University. She has both a BA (Philosophy) and BBA (Computer Information Systems), and has worked as everything from a gate guard to an assistant sports marketing coordinator. At GSU, she has been a member of the first digital online student run magazine, previously taught for both the Philosophy and History departments, and developed interactive educational resources for a nationally used textbook. Currently, she is working as the material culture historian for the Unpacking Manuel’s Tavern project, as well as assisting with a number of other projects in a similar role. She is also completing her dissertation on 16th-18th century silk imports in London, utilizing an economic analysis of various types of silk goods in the Port Books of London. In her free time, Ness is an avid video-gamer, long time digital community moderator, and is a semi-fanatical tabletop gamer.