Mapping Oakland Cemetery is an interdisciplinary and multi-institutional endeavor to document the historic Atlanta site of Oakland Cemetery. Founded in 1850, Oakland is a beautiful example of the Victorian park-style of cemetery planning, full of ornamental mausoleums, walking paths, and statues.  Creating a digitized version of this site for both 3D visualization and analysis will combine the methods of GIS, laser scanning, LiDAR, photogrammetry, and 3D modeling. The project brings togetherSIF students, Oakland cemetery representatives, members of GSU and Emory faculty and staff, and representatives from BEAM Imagination, a local Atlanta visualization company that specializes in these forms of digital reconstructions.

The initial phases of this project in the 2017-2018 years include conducting and analyzing methodology and equipment to determine best practices and approaches to documenting the site with the goal of automating the process as much as possible. Subsequent phases include extensive SIF involvement in implementing the methods and systematically recording and processing the data to use in 3D reconstructions and archival visualizations. As with 3D Atlanta, this project will eventually be transformed into an immersive VR experience in addition to functioning as a repository for quantitative and qualitative analyses.


Rebecca Page

Cultural Anthropology

Blake Lowe

Film & Media

PROJECT Management

Brennan Collins

Program Co-Director

Spencer Roberts

Program Co-Director