Manuel’s Tavern is the iconic backbone of the Midtown Atlanta bar scene. This project is guided by student specialists using digital imaging technology. The tavern was created in the mid-1950’s by Democratic luminary Manuel Maloof and has since functioned as a true crossroads for the denizens of Atlanta.

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The furnishings, photos, and keepsakes decking the tavern’s interior function as a veritable time capsule of the ideas behind Georgia’s development as the Empire State of the South. The Unpacking Manuel’s project uses gigapan technology to capture high-resolution photos of the tavern walls, cataloguing by extension both the subtle and dramatic shifts in Atlanta’s history. This project represents a cooperative effort by Georgia State University and Emory University to highlight a unique chronicle of social development in Atlanta using digital technology.


Jennifer Ly

Computer Science

Saif Ali


Rebecca Page

Cultural Anthropology

Caleb Smith


Sydney Adams

Computer Science

Chanan Myers


PROJECT Management

Brennan Collins

Program Co-Director

Spencer Roberts

Program Co-Director

Ashley Cheyemi McNeil

Multi-Ethnic Literature