After meeting with my group this past Thursday, we came up with some ideas to help more students and faculty become more aware of the different kinds of technology platforms available to them here at GSU.

One idea was creating an app (or adding to the current GSU app for that matter) in which we can plot the different technology locations available to us on campus. When the plot point is clicked, it would show the location, address, pictures of the space, a telephone number to contact the space and person in charge, and possibly a short video showing the usage of the space as a whole. As today’s world is swallowed into technology, having this app will be quite helpful, especially on the go.

Mentioned above was the idea of having videos of each space. We discussed the time frame per video and where they could be shown, in places like the Recreation center or Langdale Hall. Any public television on campus could be a potential showplace. Also, we can put up flyers in individual classrooms, the library, the Recreation Center, Student Center, and other heavily populated places on campus to direct the students and faculty to the specific platforms to be able to watch these promotional videos for these places. The SIF Outreach Project is looking to aim to target one space at a time and the first one on our list is the Digital Aquarium in the Student Center, so we shall see how things go!