Hello all, got some good stuff to talk about this post.

My ThreeJS stuff is hitting off the roof now with more and more projects coming in from a lot of different places. So much in fact I can’t process it all. So I have decided to spearhead renewed energy into all this ThreeJS stuff. Originally, my plan was to add to it gradually, but I see that time is of essence to get my point across.

Well, enough about me.

It’s time for you guys to see what I’m doing.

First of all, I have been researching a lot of the potentials of ThreeJs and WebGL in general. WebGL is the standard of graphics in the browser. It’s the flip side of OpenGL, which is a larger library with more potential, especially for phones. Anyways, I’ve been looking at a lot of Google Talks and research stuff, which was all kind of exciting, but I could have done with a paper I could browse in 5 minutes vs a 20 minute video.

Anyways, I looked at this thing called ROME made with a lot of people and some Google employees. It’s a movie that interprets a lot of content in just a browser. Pretty amazing interactive music video. Click here to see it.

Awesome visualization through shaders in WebGL as well as a little pick up from ThreeJS

Cool stuff. Also, I looked at a lot of cool data visualizations using just simple JS to make graphs and charts:

  • Polis is a nice way of getting huge feedback yet having planes of agreement and disagreement between people.
  • This  is by Information is Beautiful. The chart is referenced in a lot of Ted Talks and stuff.
  • A great way of delivering meaningful content, D23’s library is an awesome way to just get code and input your own values to get awesome data.
  • Deeptime is a really nice interactive piece. It shows history throughout time and provides visual cues for people to read about. Wish every textbook was like this.

However, one of my favorite websites using Javascript and ThreeJS in general is UniversLabs  They did some cool stuff with the Python Programming language and the 3D program Maya. Stuff of dreams it is.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to develop upon this tech and make my own stuff.

However, right now I’m gonna just get through some projects and get the Tools Wiki into overdrive. I’m gonna do something special for Halloween at CURVE using Three.JS   😉

After that, I’m gonna try and do something like ROME where it’s a virtual movie in ThreeJS. I’m thinking this nice single by Imagine Dragons that they made for the League of Legends Championship. Google already has the cel-shading techniques down, but the light diffusion on those clouds is a whole nuther thing I’ll tell you that. Pretty cool if there were rays of lights coming out every which way that have some motion and character into them.

But until that time, I’ll sign off with one of the treasures of the Internet.

Enjoy 🙂

Wasfi Momen