We’re thrilled to announce that two of our former undergraduate fellows, Alexandra Orrego and Tanner Barr, have secured exciting professional positions at the Atlanta Regional Commission!

Allie Orrego began her tenure at SIF as a freshman in 2014 when the program was founded. She added her broad expertise in Geosciences to some of our most ambitious projects such as 3D Atlanta and ATLmaps. “The SIF program opened all the necessary doors for me to be where I am now, including finding my passion in GIS and Geoscience” Allie shared with us.

Tanner Barr joined our team as a senior undergraduate student in Geoscience. Over the course of his time as SIF fellow, he contributed significantly to some of our major mapping projects such as ATLmaps, the mapping of Flat Rock Cemetery, and the Urban Migration Grant Project. “The program’s collaborative environment, when combined with my interdisciplinary education,” Tanner told us, “has contributed significantly to the solid foundation for my career to blossom from.”

Our entire team is very proud of Allie and Tanner’s accomplishments, and we wish them all the best for their professional futures! We do not doubt that they will succeed!