This week at SIF has been a brainstorming week. Everyone in the team has been putting lots of thoughts into the development of the Deliberation Mapping tool.The major discussion has been about the functionality of the Deliberation tool. We are planning to develop the tool in such a way that it is scalable and expandable.The application has so far been developed using Javascript for the client side programming. We have also planned to develop it by using PHP and mysql in the back end.

However, considering the complexity of the application, we are now considering to migrate the code to ASP.Net and MS SQL Server. We are now checking for the feasibility of the migration. ASP.NET is used to create web technologies and is an integral part of Microsoft’s .NET framework vision.It allows us to build compelling web applications by making use of Visual Studio.

We have also been informed that the Deliberation mapping tool will be integrated into the Desire to Learn system of GSU. So, we need to make sure that there would be no problems during integration and possible upgradation. We are yet to get the information regarding the desire to learn back-end system.

There are a couple of meetings scheduled in the next few weeks to discuss about the possible integration and also finalize the design functionality. So, probably by the end of this month we will be finalizing the design and start the development of the application.

Siva Kondeti