2016-11-14The Hoccleve Project has been overwhelmingly positive for me. From learning more use and in-depth information for JQuery, JSON use, and libraries such as XPath.

Working more than 5 hours at a time in research, testing, implementing, and linking multiple additions from the team has really been an experience that I’ve enjoyed.


What’s New:2016-11-14-1
With myself working on fixing the XML files along with Jenn, with also making the contextMenu scripts, and setting up the functionality for displaying the popup screen, we now have the poems being displayed with an alternating gray-scale for the poem lines (to help readability) and the display window working.



With Priyanka and Madison working on setting up the JSON file and grabbing the data from that file completed, I jumped in to combine all of our functionality… but I ran into a series of problems. When that happened I got together with the entire group where we worked to bridge together everything and iron out bugs caused from the fusion.


What’s Next:
We have plans to implement some enhancements to increase user-proofing, as well as a few ideas that may help extend use-cases for user interactions. Also prepping the current builds to be moved onto a sandbox for pre-publishing in the development cycle, and later moving on to post production for the live hosting.
For the moment, though, we’re focusing on cleaning the code and documenting the project further for future eyes, aiding in a successful transition for future implementation.