The Student Innovation Fellowship (SIF) program is a nationally recognized initiative that employs graduate and undergraduate students to collaborate with faculty, staff, and external parties on interdisciplinary and cross-functional research and pedagogy projects. Our public-facing projects combine emerging technologies such as 3D modeling and virtual reality, creative media, and big data.
The SIF program supports a growing number of complex technology projects at Georgia State that require skills and collaborations beyond traditional university research practices. Managed by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) and the University Library, the SIF program offers student fellows diverse and exciting pathways to internships, jobs, and further education.

Our Students engage in:

  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative work on large, public-facing projects

  • Work experience with faculty, staff, companies, and other institutions

  • Skills development outside of their departments and disciplines

  • Online work ready for CV or resume to demonstrate acquired skills

  • Pathways to careers, internships, and graduate education

Our Collaborators benefit from:

  • International, national, and local attention to SIF projects and the program

  • A proven track record of grants, internships, and career pathways

  • Curriculum and training innovation that build on course work

  • Complex projects not possible with traditional student labor models

  • Connections to businesses, organizations, and the public