Open World Atlanta

Open World Atlanta recreates the blocks of 1928 Atlanta that surround present-day Georgia State buildings in a virtual, interactive environment.


ATLMaps is an investigative device designed for stakeholders and researchers who have developmental questions about the metropolitan Atlanta area.

Unpacking Manuel's Tavern

The Unpacking Manuel’s project uses gigapan technology to capture high-resolution photos of the tavern walls, cataloguing by extension both the subtle and dramatic shifts in Atlanta’s history.

Teaching Atlanta

This project provides an open access platform where pedagogical tools developed by teachers in and around Atlanta can be made available for educators.

Oakland Cemetery Mapping

Oakland Cemetery Mapping is an interdisciplinary and multi-institutional endeavor to document the historic Atlanta site of Oakland Cemetery.

Objects of Refuge: Refugee Student Narratives of Migration

The goal of this collaborative project is to find ways to frame students’ stories of migration in terms other than the “bootstraps” success narrative or the narrative of victimization.

Flat Rock Archives & Cemetery Mapping

The Flat Rock Cemetery project is a narrative driven project that fuses mapping technology with the most current web-publishing software used in the curation of social sciences.

Dream Machine (Homeless Resource Site)

This mobile-first website will provide online resources for homeless high school students intending to apply to college or university.

Religious Sounds

The Religious Sounds Project records and documents the sounds associated with various religious communities, events, and individual practices in Atlanta.

Urban Migration Grant

Globally-focused in Hong Kong (China), Tshwane (South Africa), and Atlanta (United States), the Urban Migration Grant is an international collaborative research project that seeks to contribute robust knowledge on the issues migrants face in accessing good housing in major metropolitan cities.

UNESCO World Heritage Civil Rights Trail

SIF students are working with the Department of History on a proposal to declare significant locations in the Civil Rights Movement across the Southeast as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Georgia Watch Title Lending Map

The SIF Program is partnering with consumer protection organization, Georgia Watch, to map out title lending locations across the state.

Returning Citizens: Post-Incarceration Re-entry

Leveraging the ATLmaps platform, SIF students work with returning citizens to build transferrable, computer- and software-based skills and create maps of the Atlanta area that show current re-entry service providers, transportation options, updated neighborhood statistics, and even personal narrative/experiential maps of the Atlanta metro region.

Kell Hall Digital Preservation

Kell Hall: Capturing the Legacy is a collaboration between Georgia State University Library and the Student Innovation Fellowship to digitally preserve the histories, aesthetics, and experiences of Kell Hall to commemorate its place in the history of Georgia State University.


Executive Approval Database (EAD)

The Executive Approval Project (EAP) seeks to contribute to the study of public support for political executives. Its related Executive Approval Database (EAD) represents the fruit of a major and ongoing data collection effort.

Hoccleve Archive

The Hoccleve Archive is a digital variorum/critical edition of the works of the Middle English poet, Thomas Hoccleve, especially his magnum opus, the many thousand line long Regiment of Princes, which survives in over 40 contemporary manuscripts.

Next Gen Humanities PhD

The SIF program and the departments of English and History were awarded a Next Generation Humanities PhD grant for the academic year 2016/17 from the NEH designed to transform the culture of graduate education in the humanities and substantially broaden the career prospects of PhD recipients.

Sonic Virtual Reality

This project was a follow-up to a previous experiment that tested if it was possible to make virtual spaces accessible to the blind using audio cues keyed to the position of a head-mounted tracker.

Census Projection Survey

SIF fellows developed an interactive online public opinion survey for political science research that utilizes public data from the latest US Census Bureau report and allow survey takers to imagine how the United States might change demographically over the next 50 years.

Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives

Co-sponsored by The Ohio State University and Georgia State University, the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (DALN) is a publicly available archive of personal literacy narratives captured in a variety of formats (text, video, audio).