SIF fellows developed an interactive online public opinion survey for political science research that utilizes public data from the latest US Census Bureau report and allow survey takers to imagine how the United States might change demographically over the next 50 years. Users start by logging onto the portal and answer a few demographic questions such as their age, zip code, and ethnicity. In the next step, they adjust the data and percentages based on their perceptions and predictions of immigration and identity in the United States. Based on their selections, the browser window displays simulated results of what the U.S. would look like demographically in the year 2060.

This exercise not only allows people to test out popular news myths about immigration and ethnic diversity of the US, but offers original data for researchers to gain unique insights into the diverse ways that people view future demographics based on existing information. Researchers in the field of political science may use this interactive survey tool to study public perception of the demographic makeup of the United States. Crucial tasks for this project include platform building, web coding, and database management.


Lee Klarich

Computer Science

Adnan Rasool

Political Science

PROJECT Management

Thomas Breideband

Rhetoric & Digital Media