The Executive Approval Project (EAP) seeks to contribute to the study of public support for political executives. Its related Executive Approval Database (EAD) represents the fruit of a major and ongoing data collection effort. The EAD contains quarterly and monthly time-series measures of executive approval for more than 50 countries based on data gathered from hundreds of polling firms and thousands of individual public opinion polls.

Our Student Innovation Fellows worked closely with Dr. Ryan Carlin from the Department of Political Science at Georgia State University to develop and implement data visualization features for the Executive Approval Database. The data can be visualized using both multiple data sources as well multiple calculation methods. This project gave our student fellows the opportunity to engage in database system design and general programming. On top of significant backend work necessary to prepare the database, this coding project also allowed students to engage in web design.

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EAD Visualization


Jack Le

Computer Science

Lee Klarich

Computer Science

PROJECT Management

Thomas Breideband

Rhetoric & Digital Media