The Flat Rock community is a unique African-American community located east of Atlanta within what is now Stonecrest, Georgia. The significance of the community lies in its history as a settlement originally founded by runaway slaves prior to the Civil War. The community founders, in addition to retaining the traditions which were handed down from their enslaved forebears, were also able to preserve the community against time by giving family members a stake in the property of the land.

Stonecrest Community Map

The Flat Rock Cemetery project is a narrative driven project that fuses mapping technology with the most current web-publishing software used in the curation of social sciences. The Flat Rock Cemetery is the crossroads of the community’s heritage, it is at once the repository for the community’s history, and the point of retention for the material culture of the community. The Student Innovation Fellowship is working diligently with anthropologist Jeffery Glover to capture the chronicle of the Flat Rock community, by using GIS software to map the cemetery, while simultaneously using Omeka software to detail the meta-narratives of the community’s deceased members. SIF Fellows are using a multidisciplinary approach to tell a story that is historically significant, while reimagining the way that story can be presented to the public using the newest digital technology.


John Horhn