This ongoing interdisciplinary project has been in development since 2014 and has become one of the largest endeavors for the SIF team. Open World Atlanta recreates the blocks of 1928 Atlanta that surround present-day Georgia State buildings. Beginning with Decatur Street at Central Avenue (where Classroom South is now), the project has expanded to include the Candler and Flat Iron buildings to the north with future builds extending into historic Five Points.

Open World Atlanta (Demo, stabilized)

The goal is to showcase an interactive space where students can experience the past as though they were ‘walking through’ it. Additionally, a Chronolens feature allows students to peer into the modern world at certain locations. In order to recreate the space, our team employs archived photographic material, maps, and modern digital scans to render each element. In addition, Open World Atlanta gives educators the opportunity to incorporate narratives taken from real events and artifacts so that students can interact with them in a game-like environment.

A sample of the 3D environment is online, and eventually the environment will feature movement, including cars, streetcars, and people in an increasingly realistic and interactive environment.

To connect this project beyond GSU, our team actively collaborates with students and faculty from Emory University, who are also working on a similar historical project, to create Unpacking Atlanta, aclearinghouse for research materials and visualizations about the city of Atlanta..

Open World Atlanta Chronolens / Future Peeking Feature

Open World Atlanta – Initial Premise and Goals

Open World Atlanta – Exploring the Environment and Game Engine


Lee Klarich

Computer Science

Blaire Bosley


Sydney Adams

Computer Science

Saif Ali


Shaynah Ruff

Game Design

Joel Mack

Game Design

PROJECT Management

Brennan Collins

Program Co-Director

Spencer Roberts

Program Co-Director