The Religious Sounds Project records and documents the sounds associated with various religious communities, events, and individual practices in Atlanta. The recorded sounds provide unique insights into the ways in which religious groups live out their spirituality, particularly in unexpected and unofficial spaces such a homes, public parks, auditoriums, and street corners. The project at Georgia State is led by Dr. Kathryn McClymond and has expanded to Ohio State University and Michigan State University. The sounds have been recorded over the years by Dr. McClymond’s students and serve to portray the religious diversity within metropolitan Atlanta. After being recorded, the sounds are then geocoded and displayed as various layers in a digital map maintained by ATLmaps. This map equips teachers to introduce students to communities they cannot visit as well as communities that the teacher is not familiar with. In the future, the Religious Sounds Project hopes to include a layering feature that will generate versions of the map at different time periods in Atlanta’s history as well as gather ever increasing diverse forms of religious practice.


Steven Shields

Religious Studies