This project, co-directed by Dr. Marni Davis from the Department of History, provides an open access platform where pedagogical tools developed by teachers in and around Atlanta can be made available for educators. It also creates a network of teachers across disciplines and institutions, all with a common interest in using metro Atlanta as an archive and inspiration in their classrooms. The website relies on the readiness of local teachers to put their work on display, either in the form of assignments, projects, or syllabi. The Teaching Atlanta site’s organization and usability is currently being updated in order to provide a more inclusive and relevant experience for users. The culmination of this project is an amazing resource for any Atlanta educator. It contains potential projects for a variety of levels, as well as contact information for scholars with a sturdy understanding of interdisciplinary Atlanta studies.

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Brennan Collins

Program Co-Director

Ashley Cheyemi McNeil

Multi-Ethnic Literature

Adnan Rasool

Political Science

Shaynah Ruff

Game Design