This semester, the focus for the Unpacking Manuel’s Tavern project has been organization paired with packaging a project for presentation. The build was in an unfinished state and the information was scattered among computers. Hence, the goal became to take a project that is still unfinished and create an experience that could then demonstrate the idea behind the project and display the current capabilities.


Organizing a project that involves as many items as Unpacking Manuel’s Tavern led me to strategies that can stop one from losing progress and could facilitate the ability to put down and later pick up a project with the least amount of inconvenience and time wasted. Every person who had worked on the project was contacted and was asked to share their work, finished or unfinished, onto a flash drive.


Next, the progress is then transferred onto a drive located within organized folders. This way, if any work needed to be done in the future, all the current work would be in one place. Thus, the project itself is placed on the depository that the SIFs own, which meant that the current build would always be available to them and that no other employee, present or future, would be the one that possesses the project.


The changes will allow for better organization practices and a good understanding of what state the project is in. Once the project was ready to be worked with, we began working on a demo to show off Unpacking Manuel’s Tavern.


A new scene was made in the project in Unity to start the process of making a demo. The plan is to display the project with a scene that gets users familiar with the controls of the game and will make presenting it on a stage or with people easier and more understandable for those who are interested in the goal of the project but have no experience with VR controls or how they work. In the past, a student had to be present to give instructions and show every individual how to use the game.


This demo will smooth that process significantly and package the game where it is now and have it ready to be picked up as well as worked on every semester. Another update is the ambient sound in the game. The sound was recorded in the restaurant and will be playing in the game so that the game will have an audio quality and not be completely silent. All of these various touches will help create a true environment and will enhance the user’s experience with the game.